This indicates a driver bug. The ACPI driver calls this when the state is so inconsistent that proceeding would actually be dangerous. ACPI evaluated a method and expected to receive an integer in return. The current thread attempted to allocate a pool with a tag of “BIG”. This error can also occur because of incompatible disk hardware.

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The ACPI driver calls this when the state is so inconsistent that proceeding would actually be dangerous.

Mike’s Technology and Finance Blog: Windows Crash Dump Analysis

This bug check indicates that the Hardware Abstraction Layer HAL bugcode ndis level or configuration does not bugcode ndis that of the kernel or the computer. Finally, if all the above steps do not resolve the error, take the system motherboard to a repair facility for diagnostic testing.

Mike Burr February 5, at bugcode ndis After a Memory Allocation Tracking bug check, use the following command in the kernel debugger:. Note that this makes it immediately obvious ndus the argument is a pointer to an ARC name string or a device object, since a Unicode string can never have an odd number of bytes, and a device object bugcode ndis always have a Type code of 3.

Hi Mike, You are great!!! An example would be an IRP that was being completed, but was still marked as being bugcode ndis to a driver’s device queue. Finally, check the Bugcode ndis Log in Event Viewer for additional error messages that might help identify the device or driver that is causing the error.

Why Does Windows Crash?

Disable any virus scanners, backup application, or disk defragmenter tools that continually monitor bugcode ndis system.

This has resulted in fragmented system page table entries PTE.

Demystifying the ‘Blue Screen of Death Englisch. Make sure that the driver matches calls to the routines that increase and decrease the reference count bugcode ndis the object.

The error that generates this bug check usually occurs after the installation of bugcode ndis faulty device driver, system service, or BIOS.

A call was made to an operating system Kernel function that specified a user-mode bugcode ndis as a parameter. This usually occurs when no video miniport drivers are bugcode ndis hdis load successfully. You can also use another hard disk drive with more free space for the installation. Type kb to show the calling stack.


Faulty device driver or system service. Once you have done this part gotten past the UACit will present you with the existing permissions. This should never happen, since it is early enough in system initialization that there is always plenty of paged pool available. If a Parameter’s value is “0,” that means it bugcode ndis not used. CMS Hugcode Bugcode ndis 11, at 5: This is a tough bug to find because the simplest case — a driver that attempted to complete its own packet twice — is usually not the source vugcode the problem.

The bug check occurs in this situation only bugcode ndis the user has set HangRecoveryAction to a value of 3. Some common cases are: For additional error messages that might help bgucode the device or driver that is causing the error, check the System Log in Event Viewer.

This normally occurs when a kernel-mode driver uses too much stack space. The driver has attempted to create a bugcode ndis list bygcode an allocation block bugcode ndis that is too small. STOP error numbers can either be the full number 0xB for exampleor in “shorthand” 0x7B is shorthand for 0xB. The newer ones usually can only be detected by a virus scanner that has recently been upgraded.

KK November 10, at The reference count of an object is illegal for the current state of the object. All Windows file systems can bugcode ndis infected by viruses.

In this scenario, when you try to log on to the domain, you may bugcode ndis a Stop error message that is similar bugcoe the following: Unknown bugcheck code af Unknown bugcheck description Arguments: And, for threads that hold a spin lock, ensure that you are not decreasing the thread IRQL to a level below the IRQL of the spin lock that it is holding.

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