Printing a Document in Windows The following procedure describes the general steps required for printing from various Windows applications. To select from the predefined copy sizes: Sends you back to the upper menu level. Installing Open the front cover, Remove the starter toner cartridge from its bag. Plug in the power cord and turn the machine on.

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Select the appropriate setting according to the status of your document.

For detailed guidelines for preparing an original document, see page 4. Page 4 Receiving a Fax If you set a time earlier than the current time, your printet will poll at that time on the following day.

Junk Fax Number List This list shows up to 10 fax numbers specified as the junk fax numbers by using the Junk Fax Download samsung sf-565pr printer menu; see page 6.

Page 23 Changing To load longer sizes download samsung sf-565pr printer paper, such as LegaFsized paper, you need to adjust the paper guides to extend the paper tray.

Samsung SF 560 User Manual

Page 9 Canadian Radio Interference This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class Prjnter Iimits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus as set out in the interference-causing ICES of the Industry and Science Canada, Cet appareil num6rique respecte les limites de bruits radio6tectriques num6dques de Classe B prescrites dans la norme sur le materiel brouilleur: If a document is loaded in the ADF, the machine automatically send, Download samsung sf-565pr printer Transmission When the last page of your document has been sent successfully, the machine beeps end returns to Standby Mode, When something goes wrong while sending your fax, an error message appears on the display.

Control Download samsung sf-565pr printer Functions Control Panel Functions Use to store frequently-dialed fax number and dial them with a touch of the buttons. Press On Hook Dial. In Secure Receiving mode, all of the incoming faxes go into the memory. Important Precautions When using this machine, these basic safety precautions of fire, electric shock, and injury to people: Page 37 Sending a Fax Automatically Load the document s For details about loading a document, Adjust the document resolution download samsung sf-565pr printer suit your fax needs.

Open the front cover and Transparencies stick Use only the transparencies Dowload number dials before any automatic dial number is started. Selecting a Location Select a level, stable place with adequate space for air circulation. Adjust only those controls covered by the operating instructions.


For details about printing the list, see page 6. The document is scanned into the memory and transmitted when the current operation is finished.

To select from the predefined copy sizes: When the test page prints out correctly, click Yes. Then enter the correct numbers or characters.

Press Download samsung sf-565pr printer Hook Dial or lift the handset. Condition Suggested solutions Light or faded If a vertical white streak or faded area appears on the page: Pay attention to the paper limit mark on the left inside wall of the tray.


Sending a Fax Automatically Load the document s For details about loading a document, Adjust the document resolution to suit your fax needs. Power Save Download samsung sf-565pr printer Power Save mode allows your machine to reduce power consumption when it is not in actual use.

When you change or examine the fuse, you must re-fit the download samsung sf-565pr printer 13 amp fuse. Repairing Software Repairing is required if your installation fails or the software does not work properly.

For copying, you can download samsung sf-565pr printer use the manual feeder to load special print material, such as transparencies sized. Printing Reports Your machine can print reports containing useful information. Fold out the extender, if necessary. Power Save Mode Power Save mode allows your machine to reduce power consumption it is not in actual use.

Printing Press Menu until “Reports” appears on the top Iine of the disptay, The first available menu item, “Phone Book” displays on the bottom line. Printing Problems Check the power cord connections. When a fax arrives at your machine, it is stored in the memory.

Printing a Reduced or Enlarged Document You can scale your print job on a page. In addition, the priority transmission interrupts a broadcast operation between stations i. Sending Using the Broadcasting broadcasting locations. Skip to step 6. Uninstall is required if you are download samsung sf-565pr printer the software or if your installation fails.

You can also find a brief description download samsung sf-565pr printer the automatic text recognition program, AnyPage. Printing Reports Printing Reports Your machine can print reports containing useful information. When this box is checked, a message window appears each time you submit a document for printing, asking you to confirm your wish to print an overlay on your document.

Page 46 Stand-alone configuration does not allow you to use any networking features, such as Remote Fax or Remote Scan service. Changing the Fax Setup options Changing The Default Settings Changing the Default Settings Copy options, including darkness, original type, copy size and number of copies, can be set to the most frequently used modes. Make sure that the machine has been packed with the following items. Transparencies, Solving Problems, Paper Feeding Problems Solving Problems The following chart lists some conditions that may download samsung sf-565pr printer and the recommended solutions.

Answering Yes to the window means that the selected overlay prints with your document.

Click Change the printer and print job properties. Phonebook List This list shows all of the numbers currently stored in the machine’s memory as speed dial and group diai numbers. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The software installation supports two types of setup: