It just preps the Fire TV to boot recovery off of external storage. T54 LG Electronics Inc. Seems like you are able to get one step further than I did, so our issues should be different. Is there any way to revert back to before step 3 to get the box back to normal boot into Fire tv os? Does anyone know which directory supersu is installed so i can validate that its on my firetv2? How long does this step take..

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How to Root the Amazon Fire TV 2

Able to download images from the camera or upload images to the picture frame. The harder part was figuring out which. This is possibly caused by the extra boot mediayek of displaying the boot menu.

The connection was good. I did note that at when i initially connected the Fire TV to my laptop, the laptop found the Mediatek mt65xx ms usb device TV and pre-empted to install the required drivers step 2. The directions worked like a decice. And yes I have tried wiping cache.

Download for the patcher can be found here http: Any ideas what is causing this? I understand that when connecting I should receive a message mtt65xx states installing drivers. Thanks for your help!! I never receive that message. Support for additional meeiatek may be in the current libgphoto2 SVN trunk code and will be added to the next release. The arror is mediatek mt65xx ms usb device this below but it stripped the extra stuff in my original post.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

How to Root the Amazon Fire TV 2 | AFTVnews

Thanks for pointing this mediatek mt65xx ms usb device. I call massive fail on the entire rooting and modding community for failing to find a one-click solution. For remote control support check out ,s Remote Control Overview page. Rbox bricked his FIre TV while developing this method and was able to recover. Hey, i already rooted my Fire Tv 2 right after it was rootable.

Injecting 2ndinit… Mediatek Inject, git version fa8d8f error: Then repeat the driver setup. Does it matter that i used a windows box to run the install, mediatek mt65xx ms usb device then am connecting via usb from my macbook?

There is a typo in the v2 installer that causes it to fail. When I power off and connect my usb hub the one linked in the guide the boot menu does not launch.

Is the usb keyboard working? Had the SD card issue as you clearly stated. If you miss it, repeat step This is so weird. Will try hardwired to see if that makes any difference. I am now instants and very happy! You can find all my gear at http: Let it keep working for an hour or so. Can i just install custom recovery without deleting my Root. Does that ,t65xx that drivers are already installed and recognized if no driver installation is prompted?

Uninstalled it and i still cant get past the su command. Please note that PTP cameras will already work out of the box, including special vendor features if we already implemented them.

The box is starting normaly. I was screen shotting the whole way through. I have checked Device Manager and the device isnt listed despite having the MediaTek mediatek mt65xx ms usb device installed as per the instructions above.

The only way I can get it to work edvice to reinstall the rom. On reboot of the device I get the prompt to go into recovery or boot normally. Great guide mediatek mt65xx ms usb device always!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Could I use a Bluetooth Keyboard like this http: Is there anything I can do? Others root and do nothing with their device that requires root, just so that they mediatek mt65xx ms usb device open to the option of doing future modifications that may come mt65xs. I tried everything, but have had no luck. I later installed xposed, hdx module, and firestarter mediatek mt65xx ms usb device.

I rooted mine months ago, but would like to update the most recent Fire OS. The firetv has version 5. Seems like you are able to get one step further than I did, so our issues should be different.

Follow all the steps to prepare your files and your FireTV. Is there a way to restore, cant get to the TWRP screen either.