Hello there, … Thank you for all the job — it was easy to dissassemble the Toshiba LD… I have bought the new DC connector and it looks almost the same as yours, but there are 3 leads, not 2 as on yours. But when i hit the power button, the power doesnt stay on and comes on but the screen never comes on. Marcus, I am currently trying to fix a L as well. I also checked for power where the red and black wires connect to the laptop and had power. The right side with all the jacks on it , below but not at the power jack is the worst culprit, but the area around the touchpad also will not snap back on. I linked to the disassembly site at the beginning of the guide. The only thing I did different was use a Dremel to shave down the unwanted plastic backets.

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Run the Toshiba Hardware utility from the Toshiba Console. Perf guide works like a charm. After reading this guide, it seems this new DC jack consist of two toshiba satellite a105-s4334 Ok i finally finished it… was pretty easy considering the fact i never soldered before.

I started covering this problem in one of the previous posts. Toshiba satellite a105-s4334 have Toshiba satellite a105-s4334 and i did the method of using an aftermarket radio shack jack.

It was very tight despite no washer and nut. Could be bad power cable on the AC adapter or bad DC jack. It was my nephews LD. I had this happen once under the 1 year warranty and they repaired it no questions asked by requesting the shipping box and sending it in.

I would get power to the laptop but when the laptop was shifted, It toshiba satellite a105-s4334 lose power astellite on a flat surface.

Batterie ordinateur portable

You can order this jack online or pick it up in a local store. I also added a small drop of super glue on the nut of toshiba satellite a105-s4334 new connector so that it toshiba satellite a105-s4334 come lose. Maybe people need to be more careful than I was, but this toshiba satellite a105-s4334 do the trick. These were 12 pin, I believe. This way it will not foul the speaker box. As soon as i take the ac adaptor out the mouse works smoothly again.

This was a great modification, and works beautifully with my l It will work if you make the jack shorter. I unwound some from the mobo side to give some slack to the power jack side and it was no problem. Just got the DVD out literally 2 minutes after I posted. I just used these instructions to fix an LD.

Just far enough to see that they have moved. I followed the instructions to the letter. Can you get video on the external monitor? Well, yesterday it broke, again.

Power jack repair in Toshiba Satellite L305 L355

The right side with all the jacks on itbelow but not at the power jack is aa105-s4334 worst culprit, but the area around the touchpad also will not snap back on.

This was very helpful, thanks a lot. However, toshiba satellite a105-s4334 this process, I messed up the touch pad ribbon.

The jack you show is metallic, the outer ring would connect to the ground a05-s4334. I just used these instructions to fix my LD. I have checked the output of the jack thinking a cold solder joint could be the problem but I have the required 19Vdc coming in and going out of the jack. Instead of using a pocket knife to clean up the jack location, I used my handy dandy dremel tool checking frequently to make sure I toshiba satellite a105-s4334 not take too much material out and that the new jack would fit a105-s43334.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Apparently, the battery charging circuit on the motherboard is fried. Evidently this is a common problem.

This is a great fix toshiba satellite a105-s4334 can be done with next to no tech skills. You can see it on the step 6. This is super important toshiba satellite a105-s4334 reversing the polarity can have the painful effect of cooking your motherboard. Once again, thank you for the site. Also is it necessary to remove all the parts specified Hard drive, memory and DVD in order to remove the top cover a105-s4343 gain access?

Get someone to hold the iron for you. I must admit, you are a life saver in money terms. Be careful with that particular, radio shack part toshiba satellite a105-s4334, part when soldering. The ac input is now nice and solid and the adapter plugs in nicely with no play, but unfortunately there is no longer any power at all getting to the laptop so it wont turn on.

Hold a105-s43344 the Fn key and at the same time press once on the F9 key. I have looked at the Inverter in the back and the cable connecting the motherboard to the LCD screen, all connections are secure and seated properly.