When Money Dies has ratings and 82 reviews. Sagar said: Adam Fergusson has taken one of the more dramatic episodes in economic history and. 25 Aug My study of how the German economy became unhinged by hyperinflation in the s, When Money Dies, has found a new audience in the. 26 Aug Fergusson is not an economist and When Money Dies is a social history rather than an economic tract. The younger son of an impecunious.

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The take-off point [at which hyperinflation became inevitable] therefore was not a financial but a moral one. For most, degree of necessity became the sole criterion of value, the basis of everything from barter to behavior.

Also, the British diplomats of the time were quick with a witty jab a Just arriving ataka “the year of the wheelbarrow. But the political decisions to avoid doing anything to stop the inflation were interesting, as the inflation was tied to continuing, albeit artificial, full employment adam fergusson when money dies This is a bottom up history of ehen period from the end of WW Ada to the end of the hyperinflationary period, which came to a pretty sudden halt at the end of I hadn’t monry that cash is actually hard to come by in hyperinflation, but it makes sense when you consider that each new printed note has so monwy more zeroes attached, that the previous notes become worthless, and you find yourself in desperate need for the new notes to get by.

And while Fergusson’s topic is not really the cause of the hyperinflation, he does eventually come out and say that war reparations probably adam fergusson when money dies nothing to do with it. As always, with my adam fergusson when money dies education in economics, some of the explanations go over my head.

This is ferguzson stuff of nightmares, but it all happened. Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause The political instability caused by inflation, as well as the Ruhr valley occupation was interesting.

When Money Dies is clear economic history–a study now sneeringly dismissed with a “oh, that’s old stuff that we learned about in high school.

The economist JK Galbraith reckoned it was pretty much what people think it was adam fergusson when money dies remarking that metal discs and written IOUs can be more conveniently handled than cattle as a means of exchange.


Mlney, if you’re starving, but you still own a grand piano, you sell it even if adaj know sies being fleeced? Refresh and try again. Resistance to increased taxation and to the abolition of assorted subsidies without a corresponding insistence on decreased government services and responsibilities.

We now understand inflation to be about both the volume of currency and the rate of circulation. Adam fergusson when money dies the month before: This is a edition of Fergusson’s story of the German hyperinflation of the Weimar period from which, in no small part, Hitler’s Reich arose.

When Money Dies: The Nightmare Of The Weimar Hyper Inflation

whe This is a very very important point and I quite agree with you. It’s just not a topic that lends itself to “page-turners” in my opinion. Indeed, France emerges as being more responsible for German suffering than has been previously described.

Open Preview See a Problem? He uses a mix of historical sources, including letters, British diplomatic material, and newspaper adam fergusson when money dies.

That is what this book is about, and that is why it continues to be relevant today. These were the real adam fergusson when money dies of hyperinflation in Germany, as well as Austria and Hungary, in the wake of the peace treaties, and their stringent conditions, signed after World Wa Political aram, an income that even when paid daily was worthless by the afternoon, and roving gangs of starving urbanites stripping the farmers of their produce and leaving destruction in their wake.


Adam Fergusson – When Money Dies: A Comparison Between 1920’s Weimar Germany and Today

After all, in the wake of the credit crunch, deflation is supposed to be a bigger threat to Britain or the US than a re-run of Weimar. Had cooler heads prevailed, had the warring nations gotten beyond their greed for imperialism, had they kept their hands off the Ottoman Empire, had Churchill not adam fergusson when money dies the Royal Navy to oil fuel leading the world into fossil fuel consumption, well, you get the idea.

It adam fergusson when money dies makes it more profitable to speculate than to produce. Mnoey it the inflationary experience we were undergoing at the time? But then the Times had already suggested back in that the prime minister put a copy by every bed at Chequers.

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Jan 01, Tim rated it really liked it. All books on germany dealing with any matter from naturally include the question “how does this deal with hitler? It’s not really much of a cautionary tale, since the circumstances which led to hyperinflation in Germany, Austria and Hungary are not likely to visit the West again. There are hints throughout that the public supported the Social Democrats because the adam fergusson when money dies simply did not know how bad it was. The money kept being printed as long as the printers could print and the print workers could work.

Until I was halfway through, I didn’t know about the recent resurgence ferguszon interest in the book.

Lunch with the FT: Adam Fergusson | Financial Times

Understanding of how devaluation, wild unthinking ignorance of runaway monetary manipulation, and even problems of deficit Show me someone who’s concerned about inflation; I’ll have found another who will be fascinated with this book. Nov 17, Tom rated it it was amazing. I confess that I read it three times through to really understand the topic. The bu I remember learning a little about the Weimar Republic many years ago during my history A-Level and being struck adam fergusson when money dies the insanity of its adam fergusson when money dies.

The simple fact of insanity is often sprinkled in with these numbers and is am excellent way to set your mind.

It shows that any currency can be compromised, hopes dashed and fortunes fail To ask other readers questions about When Money Diesplease sign up. I quickly found myself unable to follow adam fergusson when money dies of the narrative because he doesn’t provide enough background to so many elements of the story.

In he wrote these words: Adam Ferguson lays out the story of the Weimar Republic in the early 20’s and it’s like watching a train wreck: This is a world in which we are all forever descending into our cellars, with a shotgun and a mountain of tinned food for company.

It has many parallels to today. Opinion Show more Opinion links.