Aldon is a business unit of Rocket Software. It develops, manufactures, licenses and supports software change management products for the In , Aldon released Aldon/CMS, a software change management (SCM) system for traditional. Leading Edge Software Services is a co-marketer of the Aldon CMS Change Mangement System for the IBM iSeries servers. Aldon CMS forms a part of the. 19 Sep Aldon Lifecycle Manager is the leading Software Configuration Management ( SCM) system designed to facilitate and manage iSeries software.

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How can we help? Our web-based reporting tool provides real-time visibility and reporting on software development activity data. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Search form Search aldon change management system Rocket site.

Aldon Change Management System Consulting

They also provide dashboards and reports in an understandable and useable format that any authorized person can access. Your developers won’t get derailed or distracted by compliance requests, keeping them more productive and focused. Problems with these processes can cause production outages, software failures, and even revenue impacts.

Rocket Aldon Customer Benefits. Alldon continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Volume 2, Number 8-February 24, This article relies too much on aldon change management system to primary sources.


Using Aldon Lifecycle Manager 5. Retrieved from ” https: Change requests are tracked from inception to completion, monitoring approvals and authorizations. Whether the files are code, graphics, documents, or web pages, every file is delivered to the appropriate target location aldon change management system the proper stage. Rocket Aldon Overview Resources More This central and combined inventory is key to meeting changf diverse day-to-day needs of your staff, while at the same time meeting the regulatory compliance requirements of your auditors.

Retrieved on August 16, Distribution and release management. When the auditors arrive, you can easily and rapidly generate the reports aldon change management system need to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition) | Rocket Software

Aldon Corporate Fact Sheet. It develops, manufactures, licenses and supports software change management products for the enterprise application lifecycle management ALM and software chnage management SCM markets. Meet business demands while improving software quality and developer productivity.

You can rapidly generate reports regarding task status, activity aldon change management system, release setup, change request backlog items, permissions by release or by user, and lifecycle progress, so you can focus on the aldon change management system pertinent information. Views Read Edit View history. Change management can be very difficult in multi-platform environments. The rate of change is accelerating all the time.

Software releases can be tailored for specific teams with limited accessibility for everyone else, or information about sldon can be visible to everyone. Studies have shown that organizations that perform well in the marketplace are organizations that have addressed the role of change.


Aldon Update for IDC. Rocket Aldon aldon change management system management tools make it easy for everyone everywhere to stay informed.

Software companies based in California Companies based in Emeryville, California. The product compared current releases with new releases and then merged the versions to create a whole new set of source and objects.

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition)

Designed to enable programmers to identify differences in program codeit used advanced algorithms to provide comparisons that were more accurate than other tools could produce.

For more information see our cookie notice. Release management is repeatable, documentable, changf traceable. Aldon change management system includes personalizing content and for marketing purposes.

Automate software release management and deployment. Your organization has complete visibility into your software development process.

Automate your entire software development and delivery process—from requests to chane.

Aldon relocated to its present headquarters in Emeryville on February 18, Easier maintenance of numerous application sets and RPG libraries across multiple locations.