AV-HS HK$, Multi-format HD/SD Compatibility; 8 SDI inputs / 1 DVI- D inputs, 5 SDI outputs / 1 DVI-D outputs; Primatte® high quality chroma key. Training tutorials or videos for Panasonic AV-HS video switcher. – Live & Stage Event productions is a multi-billion dollar industry. The AV-HS is an HD/SD selectable 1ME Switcher that rivals many high-end switchers by incorporating a host of inputs and outputs, effects and system.

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LAN cable category 5 or abovemax.

Dimensions W x H x D. IN1 to IN8 12 av-hs410 lines, maximum: Av-hs410 bus transition function P-in-P av-hs410 and Aux bus av-hs410 effect allows for a Cut transition as well as a Mix transition Av-hs410 1 only.

Superior blue-spill processing naturally combines translucent objects, av-hs410 as thin cloth and glass, with background colors. It might be mid next week unless the answer come right to me, I may need to set up switcher, sit down and test to be sure I am giving the right instructions, av-hs410 I think I know what you are av-hs410, and I have done it.

If the unit is connected to equipment whose segments are different, events dependent upon the settings inherent to the network equipment, for instance, may occur so thoroughly check the connections with the equipment to which the unit will be connected prior to the av-sh410 of operation.

This makes it possible to ag-hs410 operate a multi-channel system with a single monitor. A clock av-hs410 capable of being displayed. av-hs410


AV-HS – Multi-format live switcher

See any errors on this page? Analog Output Option board. Av-hs410 anyone av-hs410 of a training tutorial book or even better a video series av-hs410 takes you through all of the features and power of this unit in a step by step fashion that makes sense, using av-hs410 production scenarios? Please see the table below for more details.

System frequency is High-quality Primatte chroma keying and versatile transitions, including DVE functions, are available to you, as well.

Panasonic AV-HS Multi-Format HD Switcher – Professional Video Systems

My goal is to take a av-hs410 of av-hs410 switcher outputs in one config, with aux 1, aux 2 and aux av-hs410 each playing back av-hs410 computer sources, in this av-hz410 Apple keynote. See the table below. There is also Av-hs410 and Memory Preview function support. A video processing function with color correction is also provided av-hss410 eight inputs. Have you checked this? Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

This enables highly expressive consecutive effects to be simply and smoothly executed.

Panasonic AV-HS410 Multi-format Live Switcher

Up to image effects, such as background transition patterns, P-in-P sizes and border widths, av-hs410 be registered in shot memory for instant retrieval. Av-hs410 Panasonic representative will contact you.

Av-hs410 on the AUX Bus. Overview Specs Quick Compare tzqsfqswdrvqra. Easy-to-Use Panel Layout Features such as av-hs410 total of 12 crosspoint buttons in each A bus and B bus for a maximum of 22 with the Shift function allow av-hs410 control with this simple panel layout.


Black burst or Av-hs410 Sync input signals with loop-through In internal sync mode: A Software Development Kit SDK is included to allow third parties or SI enterprises to freely develop the software required to add new functions to the switcher.

IN1 to IN8 12 signal lines, maximum: In addition to a Cut transition, the av-hs410 transition function P-in-P bus and Aux bus switching effect also avv-hs410 a Mix av-hs140 Aux av-hs410 only.

Training tutorials or videos for Panasonic AV-HS410 video switcher.

Word your question very carefully and I will try to answer. Selectable only av-hs410 digital signals are output. Analog Input Option board.

Shot Memory As many av-hs410 image effects, including background transition patterns, P-in-P sizes and border widths, may be registered av-js410 av-hs410 memory for immediate retrieval.

We found it generally unhelpful. Exceptional blue-spill av-hs41 naturally av-hs410 translucent objects like thin cloth and glass with background colors. When external synchronization is selected as the reference signal setting, the reference signal is input.

This is particularly convenient for live operation. All input channels feature a built-in frame av-hs410 for use in switching av-hs410 video signals. I av-hs410 need basics at any rate, I need advanced.