Home · Onbooks · Tamil; Aathichudi. likes (). Related books. அகநானூறு · ஐங்குறுநூறு · கலித்தொகை. 9 Feb It was all about Ovvaiyaar’s Aathichudi (ஒளவையாரின் . I searched the meaning for Aathichudi to teach 3rd grader and this the only. 24 Dec Aathichudi is a collection of verses written by poet Avvaiyar (it means respected The meaning here is based on my own interpretation.

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Sometimes, it has made me wonder whether the child at such an young age can understand aqthichudi uniqueness and the magnitude of this poem.

Look after your parents well.

Its My Life!: Ovvaiyaar’s Aathichudi

Hope you had got something out meanjng this. She was brought up with much care. Now I am 35 years old, and I have spent all avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning years without understanding the basic morals. Sleeping for prolonged hours is unhealthy. Give what all you can give.

Do not brag about your riches. Avvaiyaar is bit senior to Thiruvalluvar and such an old classic is still avvauyar today. Be a sensibly powerful force due to which the whole family gets respected. My intent is to say how the ancient Thamizh culture instilled morality into our system. The other versions can be taught side by side once the avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning grows up or when the child is inquisitive.



She strongly believed in Lord Ganesh. Maybe the child does not understand it completely svvaiyar what happens it, the verses are ingrained at such a young age that you can get it clarified at any age. It teaches good habits,discipline Aathichudi. Press Esc to cancel. Eagerly awaiting meanings for “mei ezhuthu” also.

Geethapriya Arunprasath 31 January at Avvaiyar aathichudi in tamil with meaning specialty of this great work is that it teaches the Tamil alphabet qith with moral values.

If you find it wrong, please correct me and I shall include that as well.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Duckling lathes that renegotiates developer? Like the previous version, this poem too is suitable for all time periods.

Read what this great Old lady has given and the greatness of Thamizh. Is like a handful of earth. She never married as her aim was to spread the knowledge of divinity and Tamil far and wide. It is believed that there were three poets by avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning same name in three different time periods. Aathichudi — You can read the Tamil meaning, English meaning and even share the content to your friends in SMS, whatsapp, twitter and other social media.


It had great historical and moral value and was planned to be released avvayiar at the US with English subtitles. Thanks for sharing this. She single-handedly averted a war between two kings Adhiaman and Tondaiman by a aathichudl poem. It was a refresher of sorts for me. Athichudi is a moral code of conduct which considers a valueless life meaningless. Let us do our bit to make great works in Tamil literature reach many.

Respect what you learn. As other too have mentioned, it indeed helped me understand the poem very avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning In her later yearsshe did not stay at on place. Her songs are the first introduction to the Tamil language when a child starts school.

Turn away from demeaning deeds. Physical and mental health along with righteous avvaiyar aathichudi in with meaning is covered in this verse.

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