5 May Jon Spence’s fascinating biography of Jane Austen paints an intimate portrait of the much-loved novelist. Spence’s meticulous research has. 5 May Available in: Paperback. Jon Spence’s fascinating biography of Jane Austen paints an intimate portrait of the much-loved novelist. Spence’s. 13 Jul Jon Spence, who has died aged 65, was the author of Becoming Jane Austen, a biographical account of the author’s life that formed the basis.

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He presents his own speculation and interpretation about Jane Austen’s life as if it were the truth, going so far as to talk a I’ll have to preface this “review” I don’t think my bookly blurbs actually deserve that title, but whatever by saying that reading this biography was interesting for me. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Some of his insights are marvelously novel, including his contention that Austen gave her own personality to Fitzwilliam Darcy and Lefroy’s becoming jane austen jon spence to Lizzie Bennett.

Becoming Jane Austen – Jon Spence – Google Books

Feb 22, Elizabeth Quinn rated it really liked it. She shares her views on marriage, family, letters between her sister, Cassandra and herself, and a little sneak peak of her feelings on Tom Lefroy, the only man she loved but didn’t marry. I wish I had taken notes to help me keep track. To preface this – its a history book that becoming jane austen jon spence into the sources and makes some pretty interesting connections about Jane Austen’s life.

I found the facts to be interesting, but when the author professed to know who or what inspired Jane Austen’s characters, I found it a bit irksome. I would say read this book for the facts, and take his opinions with a grain of salt. Jon Spence’s fascinating biography of Jane Austen paints an intimate becoming jane austen jon spence of the much-loved novelist.

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. I can’t say I buy his argument all the time, but the author really looks at letters, facts, and connections to point out the key events and feelings of Jane Austen. Sep 02, Wayne rated it it was amazing Recommends becoming jane austen jon spence for: Unlike the film, Spence did not suggest an aborted elopement to Gretna Green; he was also careful to discriminate between what was fact, based on three letters that Jane Austen wrote to Cassandra, and what was mere speculation.


A woman that fell becoming jane austen jon spence love once when she was young and made every decision there on out based on her disappointment when it didn’t work out. Stand-up comedian who becoming jane austen jon spence new ground with his television series The Larry Sanders Show.

This article about a biographical book on writers or poets is a stub. It is a remarkably learned book written in a remarkably lucid style and a joy to read. It feels as though the male author is patting Jane and readers on the back, and saying, “There, there, Jane, I know you have no talent, so stealing plots and characters from male authors is, sadly, just what girl authors have to do. Spence was hardly the first author to extrapolate a romantic interest from the few shreds of evidence and the letters that were not destroyed by Cassandra.

Also, for you out there who are interested, you might wanna bookmark the pages with the family trees. Open Preview See a Problem? This book does talk about Tom Lefroy. Becoming Jane Austen gives the fullest account we have of the romance, which was more serious and more enduring than previously believed.

Some readers may resent his theories and feel they discredit Austen’s creativity, but I found that many of his views were insightful and added to the depth of my fvorite stories. The book goes beyond merely retelling Jane’s life and attempts to find sources becoming jane austen jon spence inspiration for her wonderful aausten from the known and supposed facts of her life. Better to try to explain it away within the text, we think.

It is clear he becoming jane austen jon spence a very strong connection to his subject, and cares very much about her, but that doesn’t make his assumptions any more believable.

Any reader will get confused with all the people becoming jane austen jon spence came in contact with her, especially since many had the same first names. It really enriches to follow these writers from A to Z I’m inclined to believe him, especially since Jane’s sister Cassandra destroyed most of her letters from becoming jane austen jon spence period, apparently at her request, and the few we have do hint at a relationship with Tom.


Very interesting read for true Jane Austen fans who don’t mind wading through names, places, and sometimes tedious details.

REVIEW: Becoming Jane Austen by Jon Spence – AustenBlog

The book was used as the basis for the film Becoming Janewhich was released in January Sydney. For becoming jane austen jon spence fans of Miss Jane, Jon Spence’s biography is definitely a must-read.

We would strongly advise against reading this book without reference to other works, equally speculative but written with equal scholarship, that have very different things to say about Jane and Tom; then make up your own mind.

You will find Austen Treasures here.

Jane Austen’s First Law of Blogging

Jon Spence was a historical consultant for the film. Although I’ve known the basic I am still interested in her life, however this book did not create my interest, nor take it away, it was just something to look through and pass on.

Becoming Jane Austen is more fanon than canon. Or write a character list or something, cuz Spence definitely pills on the confusing throughout the entirety of this. This bio read, to me, like as thrilling a novel as Miss Austen wrote – especially since Spence makes a case for her to becoming jane austen jon spence one of her own characters! I’ve seen the movie, Becoming Jane, and it is one of my favorite movies, but it’s interesting to see how Hollywood made Tom Lefroy a character that you love and pity rather than dislike as we really should becoming jane austen jon spence the case of real-life instance.

His elegant narrative provides a point of entry into Jane Becoming jane austen jon spence world as she herself perceived and experienced it. I would recommend the movie, no need to even know Jane Austen to enjoy that. Spence’s meticulous research has, perhaps most notably, uncovered evidence that Austen and the charming young Irishman Tom Lefroy fell in love at the age of twenty and that the relationship inspired Pride and Prejudiceone of the most celebrated works of fiction ever written.