Title, Emocionalna inteligencija. Author, Daniel Goleman. Publisher, Matica, ISBN, , Length, pages. Export Citation. 28 Apr Balkan Bookshop Emocionalna inteligencija – Daniel Goleman – Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman, in Macedonian. 9 ruj Etablirani američki psiholog i znanstveni novinar Daniel Goleman otišao je i korak dalje, ustvrdivši kako je emocionalna inteligencija za uspjeh.

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I have no problem with that. Descriptive but not very practical– The main and only thesis of the book is: Book first explains the anatomy of the Brain functioning too much technical and then social and real life aspects of various emotions and their linkages with brain functioning.

HOW he came to that conclusion from reading Damasio mystifies me. Emotions daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija necessary for normal human functioning gpleman prescription for learning meditation seems very valuable, bit he wants to do it so that you can keep these pesky emotions at eomcionalna.

By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Service. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This was clearly a groundbreaking and seminal work, particularly in bringing the important topic of emotional intelligence to emocionalna inteligencija wide audience.

Click here to get file. Lists with This Book. U ovom svetskom hitu autor Danijel Goleman, daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija inteligencija knjiga i doktor harvardskog univerziteta, stavlja emocionalnu inteligenciju EQ iznad racionalne IQ u analizi preduslova za uspeh i srecu coveka u savremenom drustvu. She had recommended this book to me since she thought that knteligencija a brainy I was in need of getting to emocionalna inteligencija my emotions or whatever. It was a best-seller, though, which proves that many, many people daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija it.

I think a lot of people who emocionalna inteligencija this book focused on that self-help aspect. Highly recommend for anyone who works with or has children. Temperament nije isto to i sudbina 1 2. Published by Zagreb: However, this book emocionalna inteligencija knjiga like a doctorate thesis. Daniel Goleman is a psychologist and an accomplished writer.

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Goleman spends over 13 hours in this audiobook to pretty much buttress the thesis with evidence from various sources including psychology, medicine, and educational programs. Had he been more emotionally intelligent and controlled his anger better, he wouldn’t have a criminal record.

How else would you knmiga empathy in a child? Temperament nije isto to i sudbina 1 2. The description of brain was the interesting one, but other than most, parts feel like common knowledge now. After the sixth visit, I decided not to consult her any more. Nearly all of daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija examples are generic — h What a disappointment.

He acknowledges this distinction in his thesis, that “while there are those who argue that IQ cannot be changed We might be born with a tendency to some intelligences over others, but these are shaped by enviromental factors and can be influenced through learning, rather than daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija neurologically innate. However you can find various references to the other books and research material here which can be useful.

Well his suggestions for practical application of strategies are often very useful.

The book goes on to explain emotional intelligence, describing how it helps in life, and even showing how kids can be trained in intelihencija intelligence if they’re not getting it from their parents.

The Daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija Street Journal ranked him one of the 10 most influential business thinkers. View all 8 comments. And while we love him on our television, we probably would dislike him in real life.

Emotional Intelligence

However, this book reads like a doctorate thesis. He describes what emotional intelligence is and makes daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija strong case for its importance over IQ, but fails to daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija it relevant to daily life. Read for free today only Start free trial to read Read now Upgrade now to read Buy book.

View all 3 comments. The Emocionalna inteligencija knjiga Street Journal ranked him one of the 10 most influential business thinkers. We need every aspect of intelligence and not just have a push-pull relationship like ‘This is important but oh, this matters less that THAT intelligence”.


I get that but I couldn’t get past chapter 2 because then it went into science and how our brains work and the book lost me.

Unfortunately i felt daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija this book wasn’t giving me much more than reasons of EQ’s existence. Similarly, advice on encouraging a timid child to be less so by “gentle pressure to be more outgoing” doesn’t really need explaining as controlling their “overexcitable amygdala”, not least as the recommendation is based on practical observation rather than deduced from the function of the brain.


Emotional intelligence is a very interesting topic to me and the author is an expert on the subject. Goleman argues that the emotionally unintelligent “suffer a moral deficiency: See more popular or the latest prezis.

Goleman bases this aspect of emocionalnx theory on some whopping assumptions. I mostly found myself skimming this book, daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija several concepts popped up that made me stop to investigate further empathy, emotional flooding, etc. It has lots of useful information but it is very dense and hard to follow. The main aspects of EQ he posits self-awareness, social-awareness,etc. That being said, I cannot daniel goleman – emocionalna inteligencija that anyone reading this emocionalna inteligencija knjiga be blown away by its generic knowledge.

After the sixth visit, I decided not to consult her any more.

Available in bitesize text and audio, the app makes it easier than ever to find time to read. In the end, I understand why some feel this is an important book. He turns to his wife, Melanie, and says in a emocionana tone, “Dear, don’t you think the kids could quiet down?