determined indirectly based on the correlations given in PN/B (Fig. 1,. Fig. 2). Recommendation to determine a bearing capacity of foundations based. Supporting National Standards: old standards: PN/B, PN/B, PN-. 83/B – all these standards need to be harmonised with Eurocode. That is due to the fact that Polish former Code (PN B ), valid before Eurocode 7 (PN-EN ) was introduced, but still in use, gives.

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Respectively, the degree of plasticity of a cohesive soil or the degree of compaction of a cohesionless soil.

Values of the unit weight of soil solids for most soils are contained in the interval 2. Ratio of the weight of water contained in a sample to the weight of soil solids.

In calculations of pn 81 b 03020 00320, if the excavation unloading is considered primary consolidation. Soil state classification according to ID and IL.

A, B, C, D In the calculation of the foundation-to-soil friction. It will be shown in examples that various pn 81 b 03020 procedures take into account various factors influencing pile compressive resistance in different way, therefore pile compressive resistances determined by various procedures will be different.


List of Available Soil Parameters | Robot Structural Analysis Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network

One of the 2 basic values characterizing the soil strength:. For soils that are not designated as cohesive, the contents of the Effective cohesion of soil field are pn 81 b 03020. In calculations of the settlement. Abstract The paper deals with differences in determination of bored pile compressive resistance in Slovakia and Poland.

Ultimate pile shaft resistance. Non-factored bearing capacity of soil.

In the calculation of the foundation-to-soil friction. Unit weight of soil solids. See the description of the Cohesive soil field. E In calculations of the pile pn 81 b 03020 capacity. Symbol designation of soil. Material factor of soil – maximal.

Material factor of soil – minimal. Parameter used in all calculations, in which the soil weight inclusive of ground water should be considered. It is applied both for the calculation of the hydrostatic uplift and the weight of soil with voids pores or spaces between particles filled with water.

Moisture of a cohesionless soil. In the calculation of the soil elasticity coefficient and the pile foundation settlement. C, F In calculations of the transverse displacement of a retaining wall and the soil elasticity coefficient.


Every time when calculations require the cohesion of soil to be considered or when the calculations for cohesive and cohesionless soils differ. Cookies are used by this site. In pn 81 b 03020 calculations, when calculation of the soil weight is needed.

List of Available Soil Parameters

Ultimate pn 81 b 03020 base resistance. Calculated on the basis of the oedometer pj in the first loading cycle. M 0 – Primary modulus of compressibility under triaxial stress. Calculation of load-bearing capacity, friction coefficient, and soil pressure. E The decreasing material factor, which enables conversion from non-factored values to design factored values.

This quantity is sometimes represented as the ratio of the soil particle density to the water density. A, B, C, D This value is used only when the options for calculating the bearing capacity of soil are cleared.

Calculated on the pn 81 b 03020 of the oedometer test after a consolidation cycle loading – unloading. Download full text in PDF Download.

Value bb [m 2 ].